Morinaga Milk Caramels, famously seen in Totoro, are celebrating their 100 year anniversary today and STUDIO4°C has released an anime short in honor of it.

The short, titled “A child enshrouded in constant love” (一粒に変わらぬ愛をこめて [Hitosubu ni kowaranu ai wo komete]), follows the story of a new mother and her memories of the sweet. She has a strange experience when her childhood self visits to remind her of what it’s like to be a mother. It’s meant to show the theme that a caramel can change everything.


The story starts when a caramel jumps out of a box after the fussy baby is put to sleep. Exasperated, the mother follows after it and finds herself back at her childhood home. She watches as she grows up and how at every turning point and conflict, milk caramels solve her problems. When it ends she finds one in her hand even then and smiles.

STUDIO4°C had previously worked on full length movies like Tekkon Kinkreet, and the second Berserk movie in the trilogy series.  Yoshiharu Ashino, who has had previous experience directing films and shorts took the lead on this project as well. The CGI of the two minute film was done by Kosuke Kawamura who previously worked on Black Rock Shooter and more recently Mayo Chiki!. Color design throughout was handled by Yuko Nojiri and art was handled by both Yusuke Yanagisawa (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and Hisako Akagi.


Morinaga Caramels have been manufactured in the same site for one hundred years, and they’re hoping to be there for another one hundred more.

Source: AnimeAnime


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