The pre-orders for Good Smile Company’s latest nendoroid, Faris Nyan Nyan has now started.Not only that, the nendoroid Makise Kurisu is being re-released, so if you missed out on her, now your chance!

The new Faris nendroid features her in her May Queen maid uniform. Included with the figure is a plate of delicious (but unfortunately inedible) plate of May Queen’s “Omurice” with “The world is in trouble” written in it. It also comes with a nendroid-sized set of Rai-Net battle cards which Faris is known to be extremely good at. The figure also comes with three facial expressions; one smiling, one smug and one winking.

The figure is sculpted by Maruhige and is approximately 100 mm tall. The nendroid will be released October 2013.

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Source: Hobby Search

Finally, we go to the tsundere genius, Makise Kurisu! The “assistant”, “Christina” nendroid will be re-released September 2013! It is also sculpted by Maruhige and also stands at approximately 100 mm. A nendoroid-sized folder and her cellphone are also included.

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source: Hobby Search


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