After a man wielding a knife disrupted the Hyperdimension Neptunia event in Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro last June 22, voice actress Rie Tanaka’s management agency explained through her blog that she suffered a few minor injuries which includes a bruised knee.

Though her injuries aren’t really severe, her staff explained that she has now suffered an emotional setback but is okay overall. They also apologized to her fans, the people who attended the event and her co-stars for giving them something to worry about and thanked everyone who has shown their support for Rie Tanaka as she went through that harrowing experience.

Tanaka voices the main character, Neptune in the Hyperdimension Neptunia anime which will premiere this July. This anime season, she is currently reprising her role as the lovable maid Maria from Hayate no Gotoku Cuties and she will also reprise her role as the antagonistic Suigintou in the Rozen Maiden reboot this July. Also, she isn’t only a voice actress but is also a well known cosplayer. Here’s her cosplaying two of the characters she voices, Suigintou and Maria.

rie tanaka cosplay 1 rie Tanaka cosplay 2

The event was supposed to be an advance screening for the upcoming Neptunia anime, however, halfway through the event, a man with a knife interrupted it and forced the event’s cancellation. Among the artists affected by this incident are Asami Imai who voices Noire in the anime, Rina Satou who voices Vert, and artistes Nao and Afilia Saga.

The idol group Afilia Saga, who sings the ending song for the anime, also spoke out regarding the incident. Their official twitter account explained that Saturday’s fiasco has disappointed all of its members even if none of them were injured. The group promised to keep at their work however and thanked the fans who showed their support.

afilia saga east 2

Source: Rie Tanaka official Blog


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