Box office revenues for Meitantei Conan: Zekkai no Private Eye, the 17th movie for popular anime series Detective Conanalso known as Case Closed —recently exceeded 35 billion yen. That’s a pretty penny. In fact, compared to the rest of the series, it’s record breaking. Up until this point, the highest grossing Detective Conan film was 2009’s Shikkoku no Chaser, which pulled in about 35 billion yen. Revenues for Zekkai no Private Eye surpassed that in just 9 days.


Mystery manga Detective Conan is the original work of Gosho Aoyama, who has been serializing his work weekly in Shounen Sunday since 1994. Zekkai no Private Eye was strategically released on April 20th, grabbing the cinematic spotlight during Japan’s Golden Week holiday period. It drew huge crowds, attracting over 2 million moviegoers.


Box office revenues for Zekkai no Private Eye jumped 9.4% from the earnings 2012’s Detective Conan: Juichi-ninme no Striker made. The film has gained widespread public support, spending the past two months in theaters. I’m no detective, but I think it’s safe to say this movie might be a cut above the rest.

Source: Mantan


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