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The developer of the insane Disgaea series has been working like crazy to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Now, they have revealed their fifth game of the year, and it looks different from anything they’ve done before.

Nippon Ichi Software has officially revealed their upcoming action-RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadias (Arcadias no Ikusahime). The game was first teased last year as one of NIS’s 20th anniversary projects and is scheduled to be released for the PS3 on September 26.

The game is set in a world where countries have deployed warriors to defend their livelihoods from rampant monsters. These brave, beautiful, sword-weilding warriors are called “Battle Princesses”.

The story may not sound too original, but NIS created this game to challenge themselves, since they are famous for making RPGs and occasionally visual novels. Drawing elements from their Prinny games on the PSP and their upcoming PS3 game The Witch and the Hundred Knights, this game combines side-scrolling action gameplay with RPG elements and colorful 2D graphics.

The world of Battle Princess of Arcadias is divided into three countries: Schwert (west), Velos (center), and Armatura (east). Out of the three countries, Schwert has the least monsters. However, the number of monsters in the region has been increasing recently.


The main character is Plume, a Battle Princess of Schwert. Her voice actress is Saori Hayami, who also voiced Izumiko from Red Data Girl and Ayase from OreImo.

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Plume takes pride in being a Battle Princess and loves to fight. She has a cheerful, naive, and ever-so-slightly dumb personality, and the people of Schwert refer to her as “Pucchan”. However, one day, a giant monster steals the lives of the people and soldiers who admire her. Having failed to uphold her duty, Plume decides to change and sets off on a new adventure.


In the name of a Battle Princess, I shall now bring judgement upon you!

The game features 2D side-scrolling levels with traditional action-RPG elements in which you mash buttons to fight monsters, gain experience points, and equip different types of weapons.



The game will also include alternate playable character and modes. They haven’t been detailed yet, but in this screenshot, you can see Plume leading a group of soldiers against a huge boss monster.


Even though this game has been just officially revealed, Battle Princess of Arcadias looks different from anything NIS has done before. Along with The Witch and the Hundred Knights and Makai Wars Live coming next month, this may be NIS’s greatest year ever.

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