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As fans of Nippon Ichi Software know, their games are often filled with nonsense. Well, so is this trailer for their 20th anniversary concert.

On July 13, Nippon Ichi Software, the developer of the Disgaea series,  will hold their concert “Makai Wars Live episode 1: Asagi’s Counterattack” in Yokohama BLITZ.

As the name implies, the event is centered around Asagi, the hero of Makai Wars. NIS first teased Makai Wars in the summer of 2004, but the game was never released. Since then, Asagi has been featured as a hidden character in 18 different games with ten different Japanese voice actresses, earning the nickname “the eternal hero of the next game”.

However, things are finally looking bright for Asagi, as she was voted the most popular female NIS character in a survey by Dengeki Online, and she has gained over 8,500 members in her online fanclub.

Now, NIS has revealed a trailer for Makai Wars Live, featuring… well, a lot of random characters doing random things with Tenpei Sato’s You Go Girl playing in the background. Along with the trailer, you can read an English transcript below. However, much like NIS’s games, the trailer doesn’t really make sense.

Makai Wars Live episode 1: Asagi’s Counterattack

[For 8 years in conception!]

[The eternally delayed title “Makai Wars”!!]

[Is finally stripped of its veil of mystery!!]

Kururu: Nippon Ichi Software♪

Asagi: Wuh, why are you singing!!? And why Nippon Ichi Software!!?

[All of Nippon Ichi’s characters in one place!!?]

Prinny: Today, we are introducing this product! The Z/X Nippon Ichi Pack!*

[Anything and everything can happen!]

Asagi: Fine. It’s a fight to decide the hero of the next game, Mimorin!

[An original script!]

Asagi: Who are you calling the eternal hidden character? How rude!!

Tenpei Sato: Let’s heartbeat! Everyone, sing with me!!

[Original footage!}

Lilliel: I have been born out of your unhappiness. The way you are now, you will cease to be a hidden character, let alone a main character.

[Plus, an incredibly amazing cast!!]

[Makai Wars, for one day only!!!]

[This is only the beginning!!]

Laharl: Take this! Ultimate Attack, Mizuhashi’s 7 Transformations!!**

* Z/X (aka Zillions of Enemy X) is NIS’s multimedia project that includes a PS3 game, trading card game, and anime.

** Kaori Mizuhashi is Laharl’s voice actress, whereas “7 Transformations” can also refer to the lantana, hydrangea, or a type of kabuki dance that involves quickly changing clothes seven times.

The artists performing in Makai Wars Live are as follows:

makai live

  • Ultra-Prism (dressed up as Asagi and performed in last year’s Asagi’s National Tour; is also responsible for the opening theme of Squid Girl)
  • Maria Kawamura (voice actress of Kururu from Little Princess: Doll Princess of Marl Kingdom 2)
  • Tenpei Sato (music composer of the entire Disgaea series, plus other games) and his band, MissKiss

makai live c

  • Minori Chihara (performed the opening theme of Disgaea D2)
  • Suzuko Mimori (voice actress of Asagi in Disgaea D2, plus Sheryl from Milky Holmes and Umi from Love Live!)
  • Yousei Teikoku (performed the opening theme of The Guided Fate Paradox, as well as the anime Mirai Nikki)

makai live b

  • Emi Nitta, Yurika Kubo, Sora Tokui, Aina Kusuda, and Yoshino Nanjou from μ’s (the idol unit from Love Live! who also voiced the female characters of The Guided Fate Paradox)

Makai Wars Live is coming on July 13. After waiting for nine years, will Asagi finally be the hero of her own game?

Source: Dengeki


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