For a while now, Servant x Service has been teasing us with short commercials featuring the main character, Lucy Yamagami, jump roping. These shorts are funny and charming, but when are we going to get a real trailer?

I’m glad you asked, because the answer is now!

Servant x Service will begin airing July 4, and brings us into the exciting and unpredictable interior of (drum roll, please) a health and welfare government office. I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this anime though: A-1 Pictures, the studio that brought us Sword Art Online, is behind the production of Servant x Service. Originally a manga by Karino Takatsu, Yasutaka Yamamoto will direct the anime. Yasutaka’s work includes season 2 of Squid Girl, so we can expect a solid performance.

Let’s get ourselves acquainted with the characters, for whose designs we may thank Terumi Niishi. First, there is the main protagonist herself, Lucy Yamagami. She’s dedicated and hard-working. The lovely Ai Kayano, Menma in Anohana, will voice Lucy. You can hear how Ai and Lucy come together in the character introduction short below.lucy1lucy 2

Next we have Yutaka Hasebe. While it’s hard to decipher his feelings, he always wears a polite smile. Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who we also know as Haru Yoshida from My Little Monster, will voice Hasebe. From the short character introduction below, it seems that Hasebe can be completely clueless at times. yutaka1yutaka 2

Saya Miyoshi is another worker at the office, although she specializes in helping the elderly. We can expect a gentle personality,and so there’s no surprise that the soft-voiced Mai Nakahara will play Miyoshi. saya1 saya2

Megumi Chihaya is a senior staff member who loves anime and cosplay, and will be voiced by the talented Aki Toyosaki (K-on’s Yui, Medaka Box’s Medaka). megumi1megumi2Then we have the supervisor Taishi Ichimiya. Despite his position within the office, he’s not the most reliable and is easily confused. Takahiro Sakurai,  who voiced Griffith in Berserks movie, will play Taishi.taishi1 taishi2

Taishi has a younger sister who sometimes gets crazy. Her name is Toko Ichimiya, and Rumi Okubo (YuruYuri’s Chinatsu) voices her.toko1 toko2

And we cannot forget, if not the most vocal character, the cutest, Usagi!usagi

Perhaps after watching this show, you’ll re-evaluate how you look at your office job. Work may never be the same.

Source: Official website, Crunchyroll



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