5pb, the brand responsible for visual novels like Steins;Gate, has another intense title coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and you can watch a preview of it right here.

The story of Disorder6 begins with a boy named Joe who wakes up in a dark warehouse with no memory, handcuffed to a mysterious girl named Sheena. Together, they search for an exit and come across a woman’s corpse. From then on, they become wrapped up in a murder case as they try to escape from detectives who are out to capture them.

In the game’s opening movie, you get to see the main characters designed by Megumi Nagahama, the artist of Dunamis15, along with the theme song, Genjutsu no Crossroad, performed by Ayane.

In case you want to know more about the game, here are the main characters:

Joe (CV: Kenshou Ono)

The protagonist of the game who has lost his memory. He’s a timid and weak-willed masochist who is always being dragged around by Sheena.


Sheena (CV: Saori Hayami)

A mysterious girl who is hand-cuffed to Joe. She loves Joe and has pieces of memories of him. She is normally docile, but sometimes, she suddenly starts acting and talking like a different person.


Kobayakawa (CV: Junko Iwao)

A detective with a strong sense of justice who does whatever it takes to do her job. After finding the dead body in the warehouse, she has been chasing Joe and Sheena as potential witnesses.


Date (CV: Tomoyuki Higuchi)

A young detective with a major in criminal psychology. He is working with Kobayakawa to hunt down Joe and Sheena, as well as make sure Kobayakawa doesn’t go overboard.


Hinako (CV: Asami Sanada)

The former leader of the “team”, and a boss-like figure in the neighborhood. For some reason, she has joined forces with Joe and Sheena.


If you want to unravel the mystery around the murder and Joe’s and Sheena’s identities, you can pick up Disorder6 when it’s released on August 22.


Source: Famitsu


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