As previously reported, Perfume’s London performance in will be broadcast in different locations around the world for theatre viewing around the live date itself, July 8. In addition to the six locations announced, (Hong Kong, Taipei, Ban Ciao, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Singapore), three new locations have been added: Jakarta (Indonesia), San Paolo (Brazil), and Mexico City (Mexico). Of course, like WORLD TOUR 1st, the live will be hooked up to theatres all over Japan as well.

This is the first time in Indonesia that they will hook up a relay broadcast from a foreign artist, and it seems the fans are very much thrilled about this very special first.

Could this be because of the excellent display they showed in France? Such an amazing performance surely made people talk about them. But one thing’s for sure – Perfume has finally recognized the fans in all these countries.

Who knows? Maybe the next time they add all these locations, it will be on the list of a live tour.

Keep your fingers crossed!

For more info on the live viewing in Singapore and Indonesia, please check this page by J-LIVE ASIA. In addition to Perfume,VAMPS’ Tokyo concert will be available for live viewing too.

source: natalie, J-LIVE ASIA


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