After a very successful collaboration concert with Maximum the Hormone yesterday night, Perfume announced their new album and Dome live concerts.

The Perfume Fes! line of concerts is a first for the ladies, collaborating with Saito Kazuyoshi, Okuda Tamio and Maximum the Hormone. A set of 2 concerts per artiste and venue, the last concert ended with Maximum the Hormone, where they made their announcement.

Titled “Level 3“, the new album is slated for a Fall 2013 release. There isn’t any specific date as of yet, but expect them to release it sometime in either October or November.

A Dome line of concerts were also revealed, with Kyocera Dome in Osaka to be held on the December 7 and 8, and Tokyo Dome on 24 and 25 of the same month. Both Domes have a capacity of 50,000 people.

Perfume has updated the date and price of the Dome concert tickets on their website. Fanclub members worldwide can enjoy advanced sales via balloting from July 5 to 12. Tickets are 6,500 yen (SGD$95) a piece, and public sales will commence on November 3.

Coincidentally, Kashiyuka’s birthday falls on December 23, one day prior to the first day of their Tokyo Dome concert. Kashiyuka is one of the three members of Perfume.

The past three months have been a bumper crop of awesome announcements for Perfume fans, with the launch of a new single, a second overseas tour, as well as their invitation to Cannes Lion Festival. Looks like Perfume will continue to be very busy in the later half of this year. Will Perfume perform songs from their new album in their Dome concerts? I certainly hope so!

Source: Perfume homepage


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