It has just been revealed that Perfume will be releasing Blu-ray versions for six previously released concert DVDs. It will include lives from “Fan Service(bitter)” to their most recent nationwide tour, “Perfume 3rd Tour ‘JPN'”.

Perfume Blu-Ray Release

Fan Service(bitter) (Normal Edition) – ¥3,300 (42.82 SGD) – DVD released February 13, 2008

Perfume First Tour ‘GAME’ – ¥4,400 (57.09 SGD) – DVD released October 15, 2008

Perfume ‘BUDOUKaaaaaaaaaaN!!!!!’ – ¥5,750 (74.51 SGD) – DVD released April 22, 2009

Perfume Second Tour 2009 ‘Choukkaku Nitouhen Sankakkei TOUR’ – ¥6,275 (81.42 SGD) – DVD released January 13, 2010

Perfume LIVE @ Tokyo Dome ‘1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11’ – ¥4,700 (60.99 SGD) – DVD released February 9, 2011

Perfume 3rd Tour ‘JPN’ – ¥5,250 (68.12 SGD) – DVD released August 1, 2012

*Perfume LIVE @ Tokyo Dome ‘1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11’ and Perfume 3rd Tour ‘JPN’ will be have Blu-ray versions of the regular edition DVD

First press releases will also come with a sticker of the CD jacket.


We cannot say for sure what the note for the Tokyo Dome live and JPN tour means (could it possibly mean that there will be added content or Blu-ray versions of the limited edition content for the other releases?), but the point is, finally, Perfume’s BDs have come. This is something many fans have been waiting for. It’s also specially good news as with this, and I think I’m not alone when I say this, we can safely expect Perfume’s next live releases to be available in beautiful BD. It will also be interesting how the older lives, Fan Service(bitter) and GAME would turn out as there is no HD footage available for those as of yet.

While waiting for updates on the release, you can play around in their global site as it has new content. Remember the countdown a few days ago?


It has now ended and shows us Daito Manabe’s project, one that is related to their Cannes appearance. It features a clay-like Perfume doing an introduction and a variety of drawing tools you can use to paint patterns on the model. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll immediately understand when you start tinkering with it.


Forgive my lack of artistic sense, but this picture pretty much explains it. There are a lot of patterns to choose from, so if you’ve got a lot of creativity in you waiting to break free, go ahead and check it out. You can also check out the art done by other people and share you work with others.

Perfume’s six Blu-ray releases will all be on August 14. Time to save up!

source: Perfume Global Site, Perfume Official News


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