Perfume has just held a special performance on “Ultra Korea (ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL) 2013”, which was held on Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Their stage was on July 14, and they rocked it. It was the first overseas festival for the girls, who are putting their global plans on full throttle.

The stage started with bright lasers and a Perfume introduction video playing on a giant LED screen. The enthusiastic crowd starts to heat up. The three then entered with “Spending All My Time” in the background. The outfits they were wearing were specially designed for that stage – light, purple outfits studded with Swarovsky gems which perfectly reflect the lighting on stage, making them appear more dazzling than ever.


The crowd gets even hotter as they play “Laser Beam”, a fast piece also popular in Korea. Perfume then attacks non-stop, dancing “Magic of Love”, “Hurly Burly”, and the highly anticipated “Daijobanai” one after the other. After the sizzling set, they go with their trademark MC/dance/audience interaction segment, “P.T.A. Corner”. “We came here today completely fired up! Feels like ROCK!” Hearing these words, the whole venue sings along as Perfume does QUEEN’s “We Will Rock You”.

After P.T.A. Corner, Perfume makes the crowd go crazy and dance wild with “FAKE IT” and “Spring of Life”, two of their hardest and heaviest tracks. They finish it with fan favorite “Chocolate Disco”, making the hall echo with the shout “disco!”


“We usually alternate MC and song for our lives, but this is an electronic music festival so we arranged for the songs to be non-stop. This is the first in Perfume history!” And true to what they said, they attacked the crowd non-stop, putting everyone in that euphoric rush.

After this excellent display to the world, the three will challenge their first Europe tour next month and will be guesting in Cannes Lions International Creative Festival on June 20 – with the London leg of the tour airing in six countries all over the world, including Singapore. The tour kicks off in Germany on July 3. For the new fans, they will also be releasing all six of their concert DVDs in crystal clear Blu-ray, so be sure to check that out.

Perfume is just unstoppable this year. It’s exciting to think what they have in store for us next year.

source: natalie, Oricon


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