Perfume has just concluded its Cannes Lions special appearance with a mindblowing performance which utilizes cutting-edge visual effects by Daito Manabe (rhizomatiks) incorporated into a new ‘Spending all my time’ mix by Yasutaka Nakata along with a new choreography by MIKIKO made especially for the mix.

Perfume was introduced after DENTSU’s talk on HAPPY HACKING as one of the prime examples on how the fans and other developers/programmers were used in the combination of the best in digital art and one of the best in entertainment. They were introduced using a short video that explained the global site projects implemented before Cannes.

Here’s the YouTube video of the global site introduction.

This is basically what DENTSU’s talk was about. Creating a bridge between the clients, advertisers, and consumers using HAPPY HACKING. Perfume’s global site used twitter and our own creative input and was able to use it in Perfume’s performances. For those who watched their Singapore concert, do you remember all the global site dance creations they played before Perfume’s entrance? Those were made by pros and non-pros alike, made possible through this concept.



After the video is Perfume’s performance. Perfume looked as if they were being reconstructed for the stage; designs that looked like they came out of the global site’s Phase 3 were also projected onto the three’s special outfit.

Perfume danced to a new, heavier mix of ‘Spending all my time’, also with new steps added to the original choreography. With the dance, various designs were once again projected onto the three – blurring the lines between visual reality and digital art.. It’s a wonder how the graphics were incorporated so accurately and precisely in the performance. I even thought that they were CG during the start.  They also danced to the colorful and dynamic graphics on the screen behind them. This performance of ‘Spending all my time’ was positively accepted and received great applause from the audience. I was left awe-struck – what Perfume did was just too amazing.

Add Nakata’s catchy beats, MIKIKO’s unique choreography, Manabe’s cutting-edge visuals, and deliver them with Perfume’s perfect execution, you get nothing short of a breathtaking, artful performance.

The show offered us a glimpse of the future of Perfume’s entertainment, and I’ve got to admit, it’s tremendously exciting.

source: Perfume Cannes Lions Presentation


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