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As may have already heard, Japan’s beloved electro-pop trio Perfume is going to Europe this year! For their second world tour, they are going to three countries; the center of techno – Germany, the land of rich British rock – the United Kingdom, and the home of Japan Expo – France.

To hype up the already excited fans even more, the Japanese embassy in UK has released a special interview of Perfume. Here, they talk about their expectations, speaking English, impressions of UK, and more.

Please click here for the full interview.


What do you think? Apparently, Perfume, especially Kashiyuka and A-Chan, already love the UK very much! There have already been various photos of A-Chan wandering around UK in the past, so she surely has enjoyed her stay. Also, Kashiyuka, who has a wide taste in music and is a lover of travel, listens to a whole lot of British acts. Being in good hands, even stay-at-home-making-toast-and-onigiri-all-day Nocchi will have a great, albeit short, time!


The influence of Britain on Perfume is also very visible in Magic of Love’s retro British mod motif. So for those who want to cast the Magic of Love on Perfume and answer to Kashiyuka’s cosplay call, check this site out!


Perfume will be in England on July 5, and has sold out their concert even after a transfer to a larger venue. But even so, stepping out of their comfort zone once again must be nerve-wracking.

So to all fans, let us pray for Perfume’s success in their second foray to the world! To those in Europe, A-Chan will be waiting for your loud cheers so cheer your heart out! Cheer, dance, and enjoy also for us who are only there in spirit as well!

Perfume WORLD TOUR 2nd

July 3, 2013 – GLORIA, Cologne, Germany
July 5, 2013 – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, England
July 7, 2013 – Le Bataclan, Paris, France

For more info on Perfume’s lives this year and to know more of their thoughts on the Europe tour, check this interview by natalie.

source: Embassy of Japan in UK, Pinterest


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