Perfume is making headways in popularity overseas as they garnish a record-breaking number of votes in a weekly contest.

PopDust, a US based website that focuses on the latest pop music news, has a special contest each week. That contest pits the top pop songs from artists across the globe against each other to see who emerges victorious. This week it was Perfume who came out on top with a record breaking 3,197,633 for their latest hit Magic of Love.


To reach their number one position, Perfume had to beat out Ariana Grande, B5 and even Korean pop stars T-ara N4. With the amount of votes they garnished, this means they also beat out previous champions like Wonder Girls and Girls Generation from Korea and popular British pop band One Direction.


Although the group has been making strides in popularity in Japan, topping Oricon’s DVD charts, there are still people that have never heard the band, and so PopDust also put together five songs they think everyone should hear from Perfume. That includes hits like Spring of Life and the less popular spending all my time.


Source: PopDust


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