Fans of PIKO in Singapore, the singer made famous on Nico Nico, will have a chance to see him live this summer.

PIKO became famous for his covers on Nico Nico Douga several years ago, especially with his natural ability to change pitch and range from a male voice to a female voice. This became such a signature of his, that a self titled VOCALOID produced by Sony was released shortly after his professional debut. Now, three years and quite a few albums later, he’s heading out to tour Asia.


The tour, which previously included locations in Japan such as Umeda and Shibuya, has been expanded to include several other locations. They now include Taiwan on July 30, Hong Kong on August 1 and will finish up its locations outside of Japan in Singapore on August 3.  Outside of tour dates and locations, not much is known about what he plans on performing specifically, but with his new album The Sound of Leaves (Kotonoha) just released June 5, he will most likely include songs from it. The main song on it, Kotonoha, will act as the ending theme for the rerun of Katanagatari.


The Facebook page handling details is here, and promises to be updated with more information in the future.

Source: Pikoots


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