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Less than twelve hours after our last Pokemon update, the developers of Pokemon X and Y held a roundtable where they revealed brand new types of battles, social features, and of course, more Pokemon.Pokemon X and Y made a big splash on Nintendo’s E3 presentation earlier today, where the new Fairy type was revealed along with the global release date of October 12. Now, Junichi Masuda, Director at Game Freak, has taken the stage at a developer roundtable at E3.

One of the first details he revealed is that Pokemon X and Y will be playable in seven languages, and for the first time, you will be able to select the language in-game. The available languages are listed below:


A new feature is the Player Search System (PSS), which lets you connect to other players through Street Pass or Wi-Fi. When you open the PSS, you can pick between friends, acquaintances whom you’ve met before, or complete strangers, and then you can trade or battle with them. The PSS also syncs with your 3DS Friend List, and you can have up to 100 friends.

It’s a really convenient way to connect to people, but there are even more uses for the PSS that Masuda hasn’t disclosed yet.


The past Pokemon games have featured Double and Triple Pokemon battles, but now, there’s are Horde Encounters where you must fight five enemies at the same time with just one Pokemon.


These 5-on-1 battles might seem tough, but all you need is an attack like Surf or Earthquake, and they’ll be a piece of cake. If you ever wanted a faster way to level grind, it looks like Horde Encounters will be a life-saver.


Another new type of battle is the Sky Battle. As the name implies, these battles happen high in the air, giving you a more scenic view, and you can only use Flying-type Pokemon or Pokemon with the Levitate ability.


If you ever see a trainer standing on a high ledge, that person may be a Sky Trainer who will challenge you to a Sky Battle.


Other details that were mentioned in the developer roundtable include:

  • There is still only one save file.
  • Before you battle another player online, you can pick what music will play in the background.
  • Effort Values and Individual Values will be more visible (they’re both technical elements that common players don’t know about).
  • As previously revealed, you will be able to ride Pokemon, but different Pokemon travel better in different areas. For example, a Rhydon travels well in rocky areas, but you have to borrow Pokemon to ride them, and can’t ride on your own.

Of course, there were several new Pokemon revealed in the roundtable, which you can see below:

Talonflame (Japanese: Faiarou)

A Fire- and Flying-type and an evolved form of the sparrow Pokemon Fletchling. With a high level of speed and power, it attacks by diving at foes, unleashing brutal kicks, and emitting fire from its body.



Clauncher (Japanese: Udebbou)

A Water-type Pokemon with a massive claw, which it uses to grab enemies, shoot water, and crack boulders.



Skrelp (Japanese: Kuzumou)

A Water- and Poison-type Pokemon that disguises itself as a piece of seaweed until an unwary victim passes by and gets soaked in poison.



You can see all of the new features and Pokemon in this 30-second trailer. Also available is a summary of the developer roundtable:

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Source: Serebii, Pokemon X and Y homepage


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