It has been a long and hard day for E3 even before it started, with tons of games revealed for next-gen consoles, and of course the (almost) full details between the Xbox One and Playstation 4. We talk about the hits, misses and knock outs on the day before E3 this year. 



Games, games… did we mention games?
Exclusive titles for the next generation consoles were revealed during Microsoft’s and Sony’s press conferences at E3. From Dead Rising 3 to Knack, it seems that this end-year season will see tons of happy gamers. Highly anticipated games that were already revealed prior to E3 had many more juicy bits shown in the form of trailers and gameplay videos – Metal Gear Solid V, Arkham Origins and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, just to name a few.

Games that focused solely on multiplayer also made headlines this E3, with many anticipating gameplay footage of Destiny, Titanfall and The Division. Integrating mobile devices such as tablets with games, providing unique enhancement experiences to both single and multiplayer games. Games that fall under this category include Watch Dogs, The Division and Battlefield 4.

Square Enix saved the RPG genre with its Final Fantasy XV reveal – formerly known as Versus XIII – and cleverly sneaked in Kingdom Hearts III right after that. The western Kingdom Heart 1.5 remake was announced right after that, throwing off many fans to think that the footage was from the remake instead. Yes Square Enix, focus your efforts on bringing back your magical RPGs to gamers! Not forgetting Elder Scrolls Online, of course.


Sony did practically everything right
During their press conference at E3 earlier today, many trailers and reveals don’t really attract me as much as Xbox One’s flashier games presentation, which included a plethora of exclusives that people actually care or heard of. However, Sony’s move to provide support to new developers more than Xbox One might just be an investment that pays off over time. This might provide a chance for indie developers to create more  intuitive cross-platforms between the PS4 and the Vita, and it might just turn around Vita’s dry spell of good and interesting games since its launch over a year ago.

By letting Microsoft finish their presentation a whole 9 hours earlier, Sony had ample time to assess their situation and adjust their pricing, if they haven’t already decide to sell the PS4 at USD$399. Price aside, almost everything about the PS4 floored Xbox One – everything we loved about PS3 is directly translated to the PS4, which means used games will be the same, your hard disk will still be upgradable, at a form factor smaller & classier than Xbox One’s.



Where’s Metal Gear Solid V on my Playstation 4?
Metal Gear Solid V’s latest trailer, which featured a glimpse of its gameplay footage, was the opening for Xbox One’s game line-up. Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear franchise, was there personally to talk about the game’s release on the Microsoft console. While a previous trailer at GDC 2013 revealed that the game will be out for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it is still unknown if the game will be out for the PS4.


Microsoft needs to stop doing damage control
Analysts of the game industry will know that gamers are a bunch that don’t forget, and it is proof that the whole DRM issue isn’t fully addressed up till this day, giving competing consoles plenty of chances to go back to the drawing board and adjust their strategy. Some pointed out that the whole DRM issue might attract more developers in, but we all know how well DRM works in the entertainment industry.


Let us know what’s your hits and misses, and which console you will purchase this coming holiday season. For more, check our E3 coverage!


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