On June 23 SEGA celebrated the third anniversary of one of their most popular arcade games at a special event that featured plenty of VOCALOIDs.

At Club Sega in Akihabara, SEGA celebrated three years of Project Diva Arcade with plenty of VOCALOID events and goods. Of course, it would not be too much of an event if the star of the show wasn’t there. In celebration SEGA set up fourteen Project Diva machines for players to enjoy, and those that did so received a limited edition three year anniversary sticker.

In addition, Famitsu caught up with Sega’s Makoto Osaki, the lead producer on the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade series. Check out our full translation of that interview for some interesting trivia about the series’s humble beginnings (Miku had Sarah Bryant’s hair, from Virtua Fighter, at one point). He also talked about what fans can expect from Project Diva Arcade and Project Mirai 2.


The creators also celebrated by thanking their fans with individual messages and pictures. Most featured Hatsune Miku, but the Kagamine twins were also on board to help the creators give thanks.


Fans were also able to purchase limited edition goods such as a large sized poster of Miku and Project Diva lanyards. One player of the game even showed off his edition of the Project Diva -f & F- Memorial Fanbook that was signed by the voice providers for several VOCALOIDs, including Suki Fujita, the voice of Miku.


Continuing a tradition at Project Diva based events was a display of upcoming modules for the game, such as the summer yukata series for each of the Crypton VOCALOIDs. For KAITO fans, his V3 Append module is also being made available.


Fans were also welcome to write messages in a book to the creators of the game to return their gratitude, and a survey about Miku Dayo was affixed to a nearby wall for guests of the event to take a look at how others responded to the questions.


If seeing other guests’ surveys wasn’t shocking enough, SEGA surprised the audience by hosting a talk show with Makoto Osaki who is currently involved in Crypton’s next Vocaloid3 release, the ZOLA Project. Fans from all over, even as far as Osaka, packed into the hall and greeted him with a huge round of applause, letting him and the staff know their appreciation for such hard work.


With three years under it’s belt and a new arcade cabinet in the works, let’s hope Project Diva continues for three more years and beyond.

Source: Famitsu


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