Firmware updates have always been a part of the PlayStation 3 as they have proven to improve the performance of the console, but as update 4.45 comes in, many users have already reported problems. This news comes as Sony’s PlayStation support page has become flooded with complaints regarding the 4.45 update.

Users have reported that after installation, the system rebooted as it usually does but then, their consoles become locked as they cannot go out of the ribbon screen. Some have complained that they cannot shut down their consoles even if they press the power button on the PlayStation 3 itself.

ps3 problems

The update was supposed to allow users to switch off trophy notifications. Given the number of complaints, many were advised to not update their consoles for the meantime since many were getting bricked already.

Meanwhile, Sony has admitted that there is a problem and is finding a solution. They have taken 4.45 offline at the moment and are apologizing for the inconvenience. They have apologized for the inconvenienced and have advised users to wait for their announcement when update 4.45 will be ready for use without any problems.


ps3 4.45

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