Sony has announced at its pre-E3 press conference that the PlayStation 4 next-generation video games console will launch in multiple territories around the world this holiday season – at US$399, 399 Euros, or 349 pounds, depending on the region. In America that’s a whopping US$100 less from Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Here’s what the actual PS4 console looks like:

So which territories exactly are getting the PlayStation 4 on day one this year? Details on that are still scarce at the moment – but there may be good news for gamers in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

When we spoke to representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, which looks after the Singapore, Malaysia and other territories withint Southeast Asia as far as PlayStation products are concerned, we were told that the launch date for PS4 in Singapore has not yet been decided.

SCEH added that an announcement regarding the PS4’s launch in Singapore is said to be coming in the very near future, and that we might be able to expect “good news”. No promises at this point, though.

What do you guys think? Do you want the PlayStation 4 to launch this year in Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia?


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