The one Miku design that gets your heart racing, literally.


Illustration is by saitom, with Mari Shimazaki who is in charge of the outfit design. This new Racing Miku design is revealed along with the original, which is done back in February 2013. Illustrated to show support for the Hatsune Miku BMW Z4 team competing at the Sepang race in Malaysia,  the new tanned racing Miku spots a new bikini outfit, with “Good Smile Racing” on her arm and “Super GT Sepang” on her leg as tanlines. When fans weren’t able to be there to experience it, the temperature on the racetrack is sure to have risen to a few degrees hotter by her presence!

With the amount of attention she’s getting on the racetrack and online, hopefully Goodsmile company (which had added the original Racing Miku design on their GSR gear clothings for cyclists) will release her as a figurine too!

Original Racing Miku 2013

Original Racing Miku 2013


Speaking of Miku, remember not too long ago when the candidates for the 2nd Vocaloid China illustration contest is unveiled? Well, the winner, together with 4 other finalists have been selected.

The winning design is the elegant 言和, by MQ. Similar with the previous contest, the 5 characters will be featured in various Chinese Vocaloid products and PVs including the episodes of mini anime series.

言和 by MQ

言和 by MQ

Below is a short translation from the announcement site:

Election remarks
“Though the character’s a bit boyish, she is very in line for the new Vocaloid’s voice. Clean and concise look, yet not losing it’s uniqueness. Plus, the idea of a keyboard that can be rolled into a scroll is refreshing. The overall design is fresh and elegant.”

Artist’s reflection
“While I first heard the (new) Vocaloid’s voice, it have a cool and refreshing feel, and so the thought of a charming teenage girl came to my mind. When the voice and design are neutral in nature, the character’s outfits can be either boyish or feminine without any fuss.”

So have you guessed her as the winning design? Personally, though, I was hoping for another design to win.


Source: (Vocaloid China announcement page)


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