On June 7, the 32nd edition of good! Afternoon magazine will mark the premiere of a new manga: Hane Bado!  Created by Kousuke Hamada (known for his Pajama no Kanojo series, published by Shonen Jump), this manga will definitely hit the spot if you’re craving a colorful sports comedy.



Hane Bado! mingles the athletic battlefield of women’s badminton with adolescent drama. It’s a world of high-speed ball games, where shuttles are smashed at speeds of 400 km/hour and the protagonist fights tooth and nail to keep up.

Plans for Pajama no Kanojo characters to make guest appearances as badminton opponents are in the works, so fans of Hamada’s previous work are in for a treat. As for who these guest characters are, and what kind of scenes they’ll be in— well, you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.


To commemorate the serialization’s commencement, free Hane Bado! wallpapers for iPhones and Android phones will distributed. The wallpapers will be available from June 7 to July 4. More details on how to get your hands on them will be included in the 32nd edition of good! Afternoon.   

Source: http://natalie.mu/comic/news/91768


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