With an epic anime adaptation currently airing, a giant titan head in Kodansha, and multiple parodies, increasingly popular work Shingeki no Kyojin takes over the June 10 Oricon comic rankings.


Shingeki no Kyojin, written by Hajime Isayama, is a story about the struggle of mankind against the overwhelmingly powerful and sadistic titans. The anime adaptation is done masterfully by Production IG, hooking the viewers from the very first scene.

Five volumes of Shingeki no Kyojin have entered the June 10 rankings: Vol. 10 (the latest) in rank 6, Vol. 9 in rank 7, Vol.8 in rank 8, Vol.5 in rank 9, and Vol.4 in rank 10. This is the first time that five works in the same series entered the top ten.

Kyojin 10

This is even more amazing when you consider ranks 11-15 – all of which are also Shingeki no Kyojin, meaning the series has occupied ten straight ranks. This is the second straight week that the all ten volumes of Shingeki no Kyojin are in the top 20, totaling three times.

Isayama’s masterpiece has already sold over 20 million copies and is considered a masterpiece that appears only once every decade. It’s one heck of a ride with almost every episode leaving you overwhelmed with awe; so in case you haven’t started watching the anime yet, you better start now – and don’t forget to take your pills before it.

In case you’re interested, the top-ranking manga for this week is Atsushi Mochizuki’s “Pandora Hearts” (Square Enix) – the series’ second rank 1 continuing from its ninth volume.

source: Oricon


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