Nakagawa in ACG 2009

Shokotan will be going to Hong Kong on July. She will be performing in large-scale anime event ACG Hong Kong 2013. ACG stands for Anime-Comic-Game.

ACG 2009

ACG 2009

It has been four years since Shokotan last performed in ACG and a year since she performed in Hong Kong as part of her successful Asia tour. ACG 2013 is an event that spans five days – from July 26 to 31. Shokotan’s performance is scheduled for the first day, July 26. But that’s not all, as she will be in the live house KITEC Music Zone on July 28 for the live event “Shoko Nakagawa GIZA☆HONKONG~Looking forward to meeting you~”. There are no details on the ticketing for both events yet, so stay tuned for updates.

Shokotan will also be releasing her latest single, “Zoku Konton” on July 5. With the guitarist ROLLY as her guest, she talked about the single in her regular Nico Nico Live show, “Shokotan no wo” and the happenings behind the making of its jacket, including being a black ribbon mummy.


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