What if you are being bullied every single day? What if one day, you see a message on a restroom saying “I will solve all your problems”? What if a homeless man suddenly appears in front of you and claims to be a god?

According to a picture of the yet-to-be -released  ‘Norigami‘ Volume 7, the shounen manga series will finally be getting an anime adaptation. A wrap-around jacket included with the manga announces that the anime adaptation of the series has finally been green-lit.



The manga is written by Toka Adachi and is serialized in Monthly Shounen Magazine. So far, the manga has six volumes published by Kodansha with the seventh volume going on sale June 17.

Noragami follows Hiyori Iki, a sweet middle school girl who gets bullied every day and Yato, a minor god who wants to have a lot of followers but does not even have a single shrine dedicated to his name. Both of them get stuck together when Hiyori calls on Yato to solve her problems… and Yato won’t go away until all of her problems are solved. Yato, along with his weapon Yukine has the ability to cut anyone who passes between this world and the next, and he will do absolutely anything to gain fame and recognition as a god.

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Source: ieee80211 anime blog


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