With the upcoming release of Miyazaki’s latest work The Wind Rises, it seems appropriate that Yuming’s first song Airplane Clouds would be re-released with it.

It may be forty years after the fact, but Yuming’s first song under her original name of Yumi Matsutoya, Airplane Clouds (Hikouki Gumo), is an appropriate choice to pair up with The Wind Rises, which focuses heavily on the Miyazaki family business: aviation. To celebrate this fact, Yuming and Studio Ghibli will be releasing a special memorial album of her music.


Bundled with eighteen original artworks by Miyazaki, it will try to recreate the original listening experience. Miyazaki chose this album specifically when he heard the titular work on the 2012 release of Yuming’s best works called Japan’s Love and Yuming. Yuming had been heard at Studio Ghibli before though, when she provided the insert songs for 1989’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. One, Rouge Message, has continued to be enjoyed by Japanese fans outside of the movie, and even appeared in commercials last fall. After the BluRay release of Kiki’s Delivery Service, Miyazaki approached her about working together again in the future.


The particular reason that Studio Ghibli picked her out of other singers is simply because they felt that her “songs are the best ones to represent the feeling of the world they created, as well as link together the background images with the action. Because of this the viewer can feel as if they’ve entered the world, with all the feelings and emotions attached to the scene.”

On July 31 the CD and DVD version of the album will release for 6980 yen. It will feature the original eleven songs from the first album release, including two different versions of Airplane Clouds. For fans that want to experience a more traditional experience, the LP (vinyl), CD, and DVD set will release August 14 for a steeper 10500 yen.


Like many Ghibli products, this one is proving to be rather pricey, but is the price worth it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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