Ever wondered what it’s like to actually attend an E3 press conference? This year SGCafe was able to sneak into the Sony pre-E3 press conference and, as we found out, the experience is pretty similar to what you see on the livestream.

Except while on location, the angle from which you view the whole thing is fixed, and sometimes it can be hard to hear what the speaker is actually announcing.

Oh, one more thing: You might have already caught a glimpse of this while watching the Sony pre-E3 press conference livestream when the camera zooms out to give you a long shot of everything in view, but there is this giant panoramic screen accompanying the actual screen used for showing game video footage at the venue, and some developers or publishers do make an effort to take advantage of the panoramic screen in creative ways.

What do I mean by that? Rather than simply tell you, I’ll do one better: we have videos and photos of some of the key moments at the Sony pre-E3 press conference.

So consider this your vertical slice of the live-at-location E3 experience.

(Note: We have more photos and videos – check this post again tomorrow for more.)




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