Phoenix Wright’s greatest rival and greatest ally, the genius prosecutor Miles Edgeworth returns to the Ace Attorney series. In this installment of the Ace Attorney series, Edgeworth has risen to the position of Attorney General. Even though he has risen to such a high position, he has not neglected his never ending search for the truth.



Trucy Wright will also be making an appearance again. For those of you who do not recall, Trucy is a bright and energetic girl who was adopted by Phoenix when she was 8 years old after the disappearance of her father.

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Her special skill is using magic especially her “Magic Panties” act where she will pull out objects that are larger than she should be able to fit in her panties.


The 2nd chapter in the game starts out with Apollo Justice waiting for Trucy to start a case. Apollo’s been out of the lawyer game for a bit but is getting back into the swing of things. He picks up a case and travels to the Nine-tailed fox village with Trucy.



And then amidst the fun and games in the nine-tailed fox village, there’s a murder and the suspect is a ghost. The victims in this case are two people who have been killed in the head of the village’s office. In the office, they find black wings and strange foot steps that look like some kind of ghost left them.


The prime suspect of the murder is Tenma tarou who is a legend of the nine-tailed fox village. Tenma Tarou terrorized the village until he was finally defeated at the claws of the nine-tailed fox that protected the village. It seems that the fear of Tenma Tarou is still deeply rooted within their village if they are assuming that it was him.

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The witness to the crime, Yumemi Tenma, says that she saw Tenma Tarou do the deed.

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The police suspect that the suspect’s motive was out of anger and desperation due to the fact that the leader of the Tenma village was trying to merge it with the nine-tailed village.


Unfortunately, that’s all that has been revealed so far, but stay tuned for more information leading up to the July 25, 2013 release (in Japan) and Fall 2013 release everywhere else.


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