Ever since Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy XV at the Sony press conference yesterday, JRPG fans were glad and happy that there’s progress in the development of the game. Square Enix has given us a bit more, with a first look at its gameplay video, released on their youtube channel.

The battle system is reminiscent to Kingdom Hearts. Opting for a cleaner UI compared to Final Fantasy XIII, the battle system seems to allow the player to switch weapons and equipment on the fly. Rather than focusing fully on RPG elements, it looks like Square Enix chose to merge action sequences in. Nobody can dispute on how beautiful the graphics looks, with dynamic lighting, textures and effects that the Final Fantasy franchise is known for, only that it’s bumped up several notches better than its predecessor.

While Final Fantasy XV has no release date, it will be out for next-gen consoles Playstation 4 and XBox One.


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