Nippon Ichi Software has revealed some more information on their next action-RPG, including new characters and weapons. As usual, the weapons kick butt and the characters are rather colourful.

NIS’s games tend to have strange story elements. Their upcoming PS3 game, The Witch and the Hundred Knights (Majo to Hyakkihei) is centered around the beautiful Marsh Witch Metallica who is waging a war against the ugly Forest Witch. In order to defeat the Forest Witch, Metallica summons an undead warrior named The Hundred Knights.

In the storyline, there is an event called the “Walpurgis Evening Party”, (not to be confused with Walpurgis Night, the European festival, or the witch from Madoka Magica) a precious time when the world’s first-class witches come together to argue for seven days and seven nights. Who joins a party to argue for a whole week, you ask? The strange witches below:

Marsh Witch Metallica (CV: Mariya Ise)

The dark hero of the game, the master of the Hundred Knights, and a self-proclaimed genius. She is determined to fill the world with marshes and defeat the Forest Witch.


Fog Witch Nezaria (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

A taciturn witch who manipulates fog. Contrary to her cute appearance, she is one of the most powerful witches in the world. She acts as the chairman at the Walpurgis Evening Party and is the only witch who is respected. She rarely speaks and has a magic staff that talks for her.


Dust Cloud Witch Purplepeel (CV: Naoko Natsui)

A middle-aged witch from the south who manipulates sand and bears great physical strength. She has a lively and outspoken personality and serves as Labby’s mentor, although she often leaves Labby on her own.


Flame Witch Labili Larla Lou (CV: Saki Fujita)

Purplepeel’s pupil, also known as “Labby”. She is powerful, abusive, and hostile, and she violently dives headfirst at anything she finds interesting. She also carries around a rabbit doll.


Lye Witch Verda (CV: Rei Matsuzaki)

A powerful, yet docile witch who is overly serious and behaves like an honor student. She is constantly insulted by Labby.


Witch Apprentice Theresa (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

A witch apprentice studying under Verda. Her title is “Tar Witch”.


Pumpkin Witch Rubens (CV: Kaoru Mizuhara)

A witch with a vast knowledge of history and magic. She is gloomy and pessimistic, and her body is covered in patches and stitches.


Thin Ice Witch Liliane (CV: Tomoe Tamiyasu)

A witch who manipulates ice and lives in an ice field. Also known as “Lily”, she is a feminist who normally looks cool and calm, but secretly has a fiery personality.


They don’t seem to rough, but what will happen when these witches come together while the Hundred Knights is creating marshes all over the country?


“Verda, you crybaby! Don’t complain to me just because you’re a weakling!”

Aside from all of the quirky witches and their fighting, NIS has also revealed a new type of enemy called the “witch soldiers”, who have no emotions, consciousness or souls. These enemies work solely to follow the commands of the witches who created them. The pictures show two different types of witch soldiers, the Drope and the Nobenia.


The witch soldiers are dangerous enemies, but as the Hundred Knights, you have a variety of weapons you can use to fight them. Two new weapons that NIS has revealed are the candlestick and the spear-scythe.

The candlestick is used to unleash long-range magic attacks and can be used against many enemies at once.



The spear-scythe has a wide, circular range so you can twirl around and mow down a horde of enemies at once. Even though there are both spears and scythes, they’re both considered the same type of weapon.



You can combine the candlestick or spear-scythe with the other types of weapons to create devastating combos. To see those other weapons or the other outlandish characters, check out our previous article. Otherwisde, wait for The Witch and the Hundred Knights to be released on July 25.

Source: Dengeki


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