The notorious, freedom-loving space pirate, Captain Harlock, along with the crew of the Arcadia, are back and they look better than ever. With the movie being released this September, Toei Animation has released its latest action-packed trailer.

The trailer featured Oguri Shun as the voice of Captain Harlock and the music of ONE OK ROCK, titled “Be The Light“.

The movie will be a CG movie adaptation of Leiji Matsumoto’s 1977 manga. ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock‘ was also adapted into a 42-episode anime which ran from 1978-1979. The series follows Captain Harlock, an outcast turned pirate and his crew aboard the Starship Arcadia. The story is set at a time when mankind has been thrown into despair because of constant defeats by invaders. Because of this, Captain Harlock rebels against the Earth’s government and becomes a space pirate to fight mankind’s oppressors.


With a budget estimated to be over 30 million US dollars, ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock‘ is Toei Animation’s biggest and most expensive project thus far. The movie is directed by ‘Appleseed‘ director Shinji Aramaki and is written by Harutoshi Fukui, the writer of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam UC‘ (Unicorn). The movie will be released in Japan September 7, 2013.

Source:  Harlock Movie official website


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