Conception II

This trailer for Spike Chunsoft’s newest RPG shows you how to talk to girls, make children, and use the children to fight monsters.

Conception II: The Seven Stars’ Guidance and the Blundering Nightmare (コンセプションII 七星の導きとマズルの悪夢) is the upcoming RPG for the 3DS and PS Vita from Spike Chunsoft, the developer of Danganronpa.

The game contains common RPG elements, but combines them with dating sim elements in which you bond with the heroines of the game, then use a magical machine to create “Star Children”, who can fight monsters and have different stats depending on their “mother”. As one of the new features in this sequel, the girls are able to fight, too.

In this 100-second trailer, we get to see the hero kicking butt in animated cutscenes and running through dungeons, accompanied by a rock tune by the composer Masato Kouda. There are also the seven heroines in casual conversation and the Star Children being born (not the way you’re thinking of; they pop out of matryoshka dolls).

The graphics have greatly improved since the PSP prequel, especially the 3D models in the first-person view cutscenes. Although there are less heroines this time, the story will be twice as long.

The battle system is also the same as in the prequel, where Star Children are grouped into teams of three and attack enemies from different sides, aiming for their weak spots. Of course, there are new features, like the Seventh Bullet, where you and a heroine perform a powerful attack together.


Conception II will be released on August 22, but a demo will be available on the Japanese PlayStation Network on June 11.

People who pre-order the game will also get a soundtrack CD with ten tracks from the game composed by Kouda, who also composed music for the Monster Hunter series and the recently announced anime Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio. In addition, the first customers to buy the game will be able to download a special weapon pack (the Vita version comes packaged with a code, while 3DS owners can download it in-game within the first month).

In case you missed our previous article about the heroines, you can check them out here. Are you interested in making children with them?

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