The fifth and sixth piece of DLC for Atlus’s recently release RPG, Shin Megami Tensei IV, will be hitting Nintendo’s eShop, June 27 and July 4 respectively. Up until now the DLC that have been released have included various added contents, quests, and accessories and the new DLC will be no different except for the fact that the character designs for the new enemies will be done by Shinohara Tamotsu who is most likely better known for his work on shows like Kamen Rider.

In the fifth piece of DLC, “Day of the Ancients,” players will be confronted with agents of God called “Ancient Day.” 51c1bfd0193acThese agents bring with them a new kind of despair and death that players will have to overcome if they wish to save the world. If players can defeat these agents of God, they will be added to the number of reservoir of demons that players will be able to access in the game.

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In the sixth piece of DLC, “eternal youth,” players will face the king of chaos, Sanat who appears before the players in a world that’s littered with violence and flame. 51c1bfd073120

Sanat has already crushed various big areas in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro, effectively throwing them into a state of chaos. The only hope for stability is you and your party of Samurai. Win and you get the king of chaos under your command, lose, and chaos will soon engulf the entire world.

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