patriceUbisoft’s next big project 1666 has been suspended indefinitely due to the fact that Patrice Desilets, the creative genius that brought the world Assassin’s Creed, is suing the game company. The bitter feelings between Patrice and his former employer have a long history, and Patrice is fulfilling his promise of taking legal action.

Back in 2007, Patrice worked with Ubisoft on the first Assassin’s Creed. This was followed by the successful sequel in 2009, and then Brotherhood in 2010. When Brotherhood was done, Patrice left Ubisoft – his work with Assassin’s Creed was done. No hard feelings.

patrice ubisoftIn 2011, Patrice joined THQ in Montreal to begin working on his new creation, 1666. As fate would have it though, Ubisoft bought out THQ in early 2013, and by May Patrice was fired. Patrice claims that his termination was without cause, although Ubisoft felt that THQ, being desperate, gave Patrice too much control of 1666. When Ubisoft sought to diminish some of that control, Patrice would not compromise, and was subsequently fired.

This is what Patrice wants:

  1. Total ownership of 1666.
  2. Salary, vacation, and expense payments through May 7, the day of his firing.
  3. Severance in the form of one year of Désilets’ salary.
  4. $25,000 for relocation and job searching.
  5. $5,000 in legal fees.
  6. $100,000 for “moral damages caused to [Désilets] reputation.

Not surprisingly, Ubisoft repudiates all of this. Because Patrice did not have a prototype of 1666 made on time that was up to expectations, he violated his contract and thus his termination was appropriate. Now, Patrice can only get his game back if Ubisoft cancels it. But for now, all he has is an indefinite suspension. 

Source: IGNasia


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