Will it address the plot holes from the original, or will it just be another niche western remake?Universal Pictures (Oblivion, Despicable Me and Despicable 2, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax) has acquired the rights to adapt the 2007 CG anime film, Vexille – 2077 Isolation of Japan (commonly known as Vexille), as a live-action film. Evan Spiliotopoulos will be writing the script for the remake, while Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson will serve as producers.


For those unfamiliar with Vexille, the story revolves around the perfected merging of  biotechnology and nanorobotics, the secret experiments and uses by scientists from Japan. Being deemed a serious threat for humanity, the United Nations demanded Japan to stop all it’s research in this advanced technology. Japan, refusing to abide to the UN’s demand, responded by isolating themselves from the rest of the world via a shield of energy field, rendering communication with the outside world and satellite surveillance impossible.

Ten years after the isolation, the titular female character, Vexille, an young agent in the special forces unit S.W.O.R.D, infiltrates into Japan to investigate and ultimately, to prevent a biotechnological threat. Evading capture by Japanese security forces, Vexille discovered that Tokyo is now a walled slum settlement after being isolated for so long. Interacting with a group of resistance that opposed the experiments done on Japan’s own citizens, Vexille get to know the devastating horrors and secrets that were concealed from the rest of the world and might wipe out the rest of remaining citizens of Japan, if nothing is been done to stop the experiments.

The original anime film was praised for its gorgeous visuals (via the use of Non-photorealistic Rendering and rotoscoping), although the various mundane action scenes and difficult to follow storyline were criticised.

While recent Western remakes or live-action adaptation of Japanese productions (Dragonball Evolution and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, to name a few) have receive bad receptions, and some of them are stucked in development hell (Evangelion, Akira), it’s still too early to say whether the Vexille live-action remake will suffer the same fate. As a closet fan of the original, I definitely hope (and fingers crossed!) they will do more than just making another CGI-filled movie.




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