Welcome to E3 2013 - E3 2013 - What's Next NOW- June 11-13, 2013

E3 officially kicks off only tomorrow, Tuesday (Wednesday in Singapore), at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

But as with previous years, before the showfloors even open, the biggest names in gaming are holding their own pre-E3 press conferences one day before the actual event itself – that’s today.

Here at SGCafe we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to bring you the biggest, hottest news in gaming fresh out of E3. And that includes, of course, coverage on the pre-E3 press conferences.

Most of these press conferences are livestreamed on the Net. You can find links and schedules to each one in our list below, if you’d like to watch all of the press conferences live with us over here at SGCafe.

But if you’d rather go to bed, or go on with your life, hey, no worries – we’re here for you. SGCafe will provide brief summaries of the big announcements made at each of the following pre-E3 press conferences. So do stay tuned to us for that.

Microsoft: 9.30AM PT, 12.30PM ET, 12.30AM Singapore time (GMT+0800 hours, on Tuesday)


Ubisoft: 3PM PT, 6PM PT, 6AM SGT

Sony: 6PM PT, 9PM ET, 9AM SGT

Nintendo: (on Tuesday) 7AM PT, 10AM ET, 10PM SGT


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