The PV for WEAVER’s new single “Yume janai kono Sekai” is has now been released for public viewing. This was released in tandem with the single release today, on June 26. The PV also has its own special site so be sure to check that out.

The “Yume janai kono Sekai” PV uses fan-submitted pictures or videos whenever the related keyword or lyrics come up. These fan-submissions are projected onto the background in a flashy fashion, alternating between these and CG projections. In the PV’s special site, you can click on the screen and inspect these videos one by one; a special CG version of the video can also be viewed here. The full video is also up in YouTube in beautiful HD. Here it is:

WEAVER will also be having a live in NHK Hall, Tokyo on June 29 called “WEAVER Special Live 2013 ~Kawabe Taoru, Shihanseiki Tanjou Matsuri~ (Kawabe Taoru, Quarter-century Festival). As the title says, this is a special birthday live for their drummer, Kawabe Taoru, who is turning 25 on June 28. They also have a track in this single called “1/4 Seiki”, meaning quarter-century.


For those not familiar with WEAVER, they were part of international event Music Matters, which was held in Singapore just this May. They appeared with flumpool and SID on their stage in Beer Market, Clarke Quay.  They also had a live in SCAPE March 13 last year.

WEAVER “Yume janai kono Sekai”


First Press Edition

1. Yume janai kono Sekai
2. Summer Tune
3. 1/4 Seiki
4. “WEAVER TV” CD Special Edition

Regular Edition

1. Yume janai kono Sekai
2. Summer Tune
3. 1/4 Seiki

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