While the blu-ray and DVD release of Attack on Titan is being promoted in Akiba by Colossal Titan rolling around in an itasha, it’s bundled manga is also turning heads.

Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan, was originally a part of the 2006 Magazine Grand Prix which won second place and the fine art awards categories, allowing author Hajime Isayama to continue the series we all love today in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Originally he drew it entirely in pen, as opposed to the usual pencil and ink for most works. You can see it most clearly in some of his close up sketches. (Read more about Attack on Titan here on SGCafe!)


There’s also a prototype of what the world around Wall Maria originally looked like. The 3D maneuver gear may not have changed all that much, but the forests that can be seen outside the walls are now within them.


You may also find it difficult to recognize any of the characters, but that’s because they hadn’t yet been thought up. There is still a character that’s every bit as determined  to take down the Titans as Eren, main character from the manga and anime series.


The original story for the series may be exactly what fans want to keep their excitement going and hold them over until the next volume is released.

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