Gather around ladies and gentlemen as we head to the future and take a look at our latest anime PV round-up which offers up some pretty futuristic Sci-fi action.




Let’s start off with the PV for Suisei no Gargantia’s OVA. The OVA introduces two new characters, Storia who is voiced by Yui Horie (Zero no Tsukaima‘s Siesta and Fairy Tail‘s Charle) and Ritonaa who is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura (Fairy Tail‘s Gray Fullbuster and Macross Frontier‘s Alto Saotome). The OVA will be included in the anime’s first Blu-ray Disc Box which will be released on August 28. The OVA will follow Ledo, Amy and others as they investigate a derelict fleet known as the “Ghost Fleet“. (For more Suisei no Gargantia here on SGCafe, click here)

Suzaku is back, and this time, he will be returning in Code Geass: Akito the Exiled #2. The trailer also features new characters as well as the theme song by Layla Malkal’s voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto titled “More than Words“.

Vision of Escaflowne director Kazuki Akane not only directs this anime but also wrote the screenplay. Code Geass: Akito the Exiled #2 will be released on September 19. (For more Code Geass here on SGCafe, click here)

Finally, we take a look at the latest trailer for the much anticipated (and highly expensive) CG Sci-fi action flick, Captain Harlock. This new trailer comes in after Yahoo! Japan streamed the movie’s opening 12 minutes online. The movie is directed by ‘Appleseed‘ director Shinji Aramaki and is written by Harutoshi Fukui, the writer of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam UC‘. It is produced by Toei animation and is their most expensive project to date with a budget of over 30 million US dollars. The movie will hit Japanese theaters on September 7.

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