Good news for gamers in Asia who are eagerly anticipating their copy of Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture’s stylish, super-sexy action title Killer is Dead: We’re getting it here on August 1.

That’s the same day as our friends in Japan will be getting it, and a good couple of weeks ahead of our counterparts in the US (August 27) and Europe (August 30).

Time to celebrate? Hell yeah. (More info on Killer is Dead here at SGCafe through this link)

But wait, there’s more: Killer is Dead also happens to be a dual-language release, meaning players will be able to switch interchangeably between English and Japanese for both voices and subtitles. This applies not just to the Japanese and Asian versions of the game, but also the copies that will be sold in the US and Europe.

So, not only are we getting Killer is Dead on the same day as Japan, but the game itself will also be completely localised in English. That doesn’t happen very often!

English voices

Japanese voices


Chinese subtitled version

KILLER IS DEAD_Chi screen 2

On top of the Japanese/English dual-language release on August 1, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong will also release a Chinese edition of the game that features English and Japanese voices, and subtitles in all three aforementioned languages.

This Chinese/English/Japanese edition will launch in Asia on September 1.

KILLER IS DEAD_Chi screen 1

Killer is Dead pre-order bonuses in Asia

Pre-orders for both the English/Japanese and Chinese/English/Japanese editions of Killer is Dead have begun in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) so make sure to check with your local retail store to reserve your copy today.

Folks who lock in their pre-orders for Killer is Dead will receive a special Killer is Dead PS3 original custom theme (this appears to be exclusive to Asia), as well as a bonus DLC pack that features the following four items:

– An extra mission: Episode 51 – The Man Who Stole Blood

Gigolo Glasses: protagonist Mondo Zappa will receive special glasses that grants X-Ray vision for use during Gigolo Mode

– An additional beauty, Betty, in Gigolo Mode (mission entitled “Temptation of Miss Vampire”)

– Additional bikini costumes for Mika and Vivien (pictured below)

KID preorder bikini

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