There’s no big event you have to go to to get this curry, or even big shop, just a store known for it’s titanic portion sizing: Mammoth Curry in Akihabara. Curry rice is a fairly popular food among the otaku of Akihabara, almost as much as shawarma. That means chains like Go Go Gorilla Curry and Mammoth Curry often cater to the audience attending their Akiba stores. Whether this is teaming up with Neptunia or Mammoth’s recent deal, fans stomachs are in for a treat. In the case of Mammoth Curry, though, they will first have to help defend Wall Rose…or rather Wall Rice. (Read more on Attack on Titan here on SGCafe).


Attack on Curry is Mammoth Curry’s, known for their curry weighing in at 1 kilo, newest attempt to draw fans in for a taste of the latest version of their Arabic sausage curry. Where Wall Maria once stood is only a sea of slightly sweet curry. It’s up to you to defend mankind’s last line of defense against the Colossal Titan sausage, Wall Rice. Don’t worry though, you shouldn’t be terrified like the cowering townspeople in the center of the ring since you’ll have help defending it. Eren may not have his 3D maneuver gear on, but that isn’t stopping him from launching at attack.


If saving isn’t the name of the game for you, then you can of course also let the Titan’s win. That’s what one person did after taking on the role of Titan themselves and eating a townsperson.


The curry will only be around until August, and only if you ask for it, so if you’re in Akiba during these hot summer months, check it out. Directions can be found on their website here.

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