Linked Horizon’s opening for Attack on Titan has spawned thousands of parodies and now it’s continuing to grow in popularity outside the internet. When it was announced by REVO that something Attack on Titan related would be going on in Shibuya for his birthday last month, fans that managed to decode his cryptic message flocked to the famous Shibuya Scramble to watch on screens. They were greeted with a birthday present from him in the form of the full PV for Crimson Bow and Arrow. However it was not known just what the demographics of the fans were until a recent news report on the popularity of Attack on Titan’s opening. As you can see below, the female fanbase that turned out was female. (Love Attack on Titan? Read more here on SGCafe!)


It isn’t just fans of the show that are showing love for the show either, but fans of the song itself as well. Female fans that enjoy the song itself were also interviewed stating that “it’s a really good song” and in relation to the show “it’s amazing how they attack back against the Titans.” And of course, all those interviewed know the biggest impact of the song “Jaeger!”.


Interestingly enough, despite the songs popularity among male and female fans alike and it’s number one spot in JoySound since it’s debut at karaoke, the lyrics are a mystery. In fact, apart from the text in the opening, the lyrics were unknown until the album’s release where they were listed in the insert. This is because, until September 30 the lyrics will not appear on screen at karaoke.


Despite all that, it seems Crimson Bow and Arrow is making it’s way outside of the Attack of Titan fanbase and into the general community. Love anime? Check out more here on SGCafe! Feel free to join in the community discussions going on here! Source: Yaraon!


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