With The Wind Rises hitting Japanese theatres next week, phone company KDDI-au is teaming up with Studio Ghibli in a new series of commercials.

The commercial, which features Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki and famous creator of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, who voices Horikoshi in the movie, appear within the commercials. They appear in two different types: one will run before the film begins it’s theatrical run, and the other will  begin after it’s premier on July 20. (Read more about The Wind Rises here on SGCafe here).


There are already two versions of the pre-screening commercial running: one shows Anno stretching a preparing to give his lines in the dubbing studio. The seconds includes this scene, as well as Anno using the Ghibli Forest app. The app itself is au Store exclusive and allows users to purchase various types of goods from the studio. One of these goods, listed on the official crossover site, is an official crossover fan.

auxghibli2 copy

au has previously had Kyary Pamyu Pamyu feature in several of them, and usually deliver with a series of interesting goods when they do collaborations. After the movie releases, they promise even more fun with Hideaki Anno and surprises on a hidden part of the site.


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