The anime may have ended but Tite Kubo’s manga about a Shinigami (literally means death gods) named Ichigo is still one of the biggest and most popular mangas out there.


Last year, manga author Tite Kubo started the final arc of his beloved shounen manga Bleach. In a special message on Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump!, he announced that Bleach will go on a temporary hiatus lasting a total of five weeks. He explained that the 5-week break is for him to be 100% committed for the series’ much-awaited “final battle” which he calls “Sennen Kessen-Hen – Ketsubetsu-tan“. (For more stories on Shounen Jump, click here)


The hiatus will last from issue #35 of Weekly Shounen Jump! until the magazines issue #40. The manga will resume with the magazine’s issue #41 which is due September 9 in Japan.

Tite Kubo started the manga in 2001 and has become one of Weekly Shounen Jump!’s most popular manga titles to date. The series had a lot of its ups and downs but still retained its popularity and is still loved by fans the world over. Now that it has entered the final phase, expect for fans of the series to be even more excited.

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