Free-to-play MMO operator Cherry Credits, who runs MMOs like Dragon Nest and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter in South-east Asia, have announced today that they will be launching a new auction house for their Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter game Avatar Star.


A new content update which is widely anticipated by the players will be released and it will add features like a daily sign-in gift system and the auction house.

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With the new auction house, players can now bid on valuable items such as weapons and other items by using in-game money as the trading currency. Non-cash players can now keep up with players who use real money as they will be able to attain cash items by using hard-earned gold they’ve accumulated by playing.

In a statement by Addison Kang, CEO of Cherry Credits, he said:

The introduction of an Auction system has a dramatic impact on the game economy. On one hand, the game becomes more affordable at the expense of lower revenues for the publisher. Securing the safety of the game economy and auction system also increases the cost of operating the game. In return, however, the game attracts and retains more active players. This is what Cherry Credits and Pearl Digital aims to do. We believe in providing both paying and non-paying players with different benefits, giving them valuable returns on items they hold.”


Avatar Star’s daily gifting system also gives players more incentives to enhance their gameplay. Players will not only receive daily gifts (which include consumable cash items) but also additional special gift packs when they sign in for the 7th, 14th, 20th and 25th consecutive day in a month.

Avatar Star has a large emphasis on character customization so these new changes will really enhance the game play. So, are you ready for a really personalized gaming experience with lots of cuteness and even more pew pew pew?

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