The BL in BLT is not what you think it stands for in the new Bacon Lettuce Biographies visual novel game.

Released at the beginning of June for free, the Bacon Lettuce Biographies aim to please boy’s love fans in the same strange way Hatoful Romance managed. Bacon and Lettuce Biographies may be the name of the game, but you will be able to meet other meat-themed boys in it. In fact, if bacon and lettuce don’t strike your fancy, Yakiniku (roasted meat)-sempai is there to support you. (For more visual novels at SGCafe, click here).


Then again, maybe Yakiniku-sempai and Lamb-sensei are too rich for your tastes and you prefer the more delicate tastes of fish. Tuna and Ootoro can help you out in that department.


The main story boasts that it is very much an ordinary story of boys with a not so ordinary cast in this heartful boy’s love school comedy. Despite all the weirdness of it, the authors mean to capture a sort of fairy tale mood and hope that players have a lot of fun (and laughs) playing it. If you’re interested in entering a delicious BL world full of unusual meat, the main site has it available for download.


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