ff13 lightning returns pre-order bonus

Final Fantasy XIII series heroine Lightning has often been described to be like a female Cloud Strife (from FF7) of sorts. Both are always cool, calm and composed – even when the going gets tough.

And now, thanks to a very special pre-order campaign, you’ll actually be able to make Lightning cosplay as everyone’s favoruite spiky-haired hero from Final Fantasy VII.

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With this special limted time pre-order DLC offer, you’ll receive with your copy of the game a code to download:

  • Cloud Strife’s Soldier 1st Class Uniform
  • Soldier’s Band (equipment)
  • Buster Sword (weapon)

Just in case you haven’t quite been following up on your Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII news, in this game there are no pre-defined classes or “paradigms” (as they were called in previous FF13 games).

Instead, you create your own “styles” of play this time around by combining a costume, a weapon, various equipment, and that will determine which attack and support skills you can use.

As the video demonstrates, when you have all three pre-order items equipped on Lightning at the same time, the game will also end each fight with a special finishing animation and victory fanfare that should be familiar to anyone who’s played Final Fantasy VII.

And that’s about as close as we’ll ever get to a remake of Final Fantasy VII for current-generation consoles. Better luck next generation, I suppose!

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