Lawson continues to keep fans cool and happy this summer with anime collaborations. This time Attack on Titan is taking a break from their defence of humanity to enjoy some snacks.

As you can see, the promotional image has squad 104 reuniting outside the convenience store chain, with Levi taking the helm and looking rather enthused about the whole thing. Sasha has no problem at all, though, and seems to have taken on a form worse than the looming Colossal Titan over a bag of Calbee potato chips.

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Fans should also show more enthusiasm than Levi as well with the goods available during the campaign. By purchasing two of the specially marked Calbee products, such as those shown on the poster, customers will receive one of four plug charms.


If the thought of a little Mikasa on your phone isn’t enough for you, Lawson’s Loppi machine will also be selling a series of Attack on Titan related goods. From a notebook featuring the promotional image to a full sized calendar with Attack on Titan’s own promotional image on it.


The campaign starts today and runs until August 23, so if you’re in need of potato chips, Lawson may be a good place to stop in at.

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