Good Smile Company has always been known for giving us great figures with good detail. They are also known for those really cute super deformed versions of our favorite anime characters, the nendoroids. Now, let’s take a look at what the people over at the Good Smile Company are offering us this time around.

Remember that Colossal Titan Nendoroid which surfaced last April? You know, the one where they showed a demonstration on how they build nendoroids using 3D models from a computer to its initial rendering to its scale printing with a 3D printer? It sure did draw in a lot of attention, here are some pictures of it when Mikatan and the GSC Guma twitter account posted some pictures of it. (For more Attack on Titan here on SGCafe, click here)



Now, we haven’t heard a word about this new nendoroid in a while, but now, some of the latest magazine scans from Japan have shown that it will surely be released to the market some time in the future. The Colossal Titan nendoroid stands 10 cm and this time, it doesn’t come with a paper wall and smoke, comes with a real smoking wall. No word as to when this Monster nendoroid will be released though so keep posted.


Now, besides the Colossal Titan, GSC has also announced one more new nendo, this time, it’s our “super lucky” protagonist from Danganronpa, Makoto Naegi. From the looks of things, he will be coming with a “Classroom Trial” stand and looks really really fierce. GSC Kyojin’s twitter account has announced that more details about this new nendoroid will be announced in the next issue of Hobby Japan magazine which will go on sale July 25. (For more on Good Smile Company here on SGCafe, click here)


Now, let’s move on to the latest nendoroid version of our favorite “Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” super hero, the Invincible Iron Man. This brand new cutesy version of the MK-47 armor not only comes with some effect parts for some pew-pew-pew action, but also with Tony Stark’s beloved and totally awesome Hall of Armor. The Hall of Armor stand comes with seven Iron Man armors from the Mk-I all the way to the MK-VII which he used in the final battle during the Avengers movie (it’s the one with the jet pack). If you take a closer look at the armors, they are very well detailed and you can really see that they are really different from each other. Of course, like the other Iron Man nendos, the helmet can be opened and taken off. The pre order for this nendoroid starts on July 25.

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Now, if you are asking yourself why the only nendoroids presented so far are all GUYS, don’t fret because we are showing you the latest nendoroid pre-order, the totally cute and totally lovable Tsukuko Tsukakishi from Hentai Ouji!  This 100 mm PVC figure is produced by Yuta Matsuzawa. She is now available for pre-order and will be released this December. She comes with some effects like cat ears and a cat tail, a plate of curry rice and some meat buns. She also comes with an eating face and her signature poker face as well as the standard nendoroid fair like the nendoroid stand.

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From Mikatan, Hobby Search, Esuteru and GSC Kyojin twitter account


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